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Online training “YouTube and applied AI”

Exclusive workshops for individuals or small groups.
By arrangement, the selected topics will be delivered via Zoom or a video conferencing platform of your choice.

Aims and benefits of the workshop

Teachers and trainers need to expand their competence permanently and across subjects. More and more people want or need to learn German because they come to Germany to live and work here.

Machine translation, i.e. AI-driven translation, makes it possible for explanatory videos and presentations to be supplemented with subtitles in 125 languages in a very short time.

Such functionality can be seen in the case study of the interview with Chancellor Scholz on the anniversary of the start of the Ukraine invasion. With the possibilities shown in the video, it becomes visible how applied artificial intelligence can be used across disciplines:

The necessary practical know-how for creating videos with PowerPoint or Camtasia can be taught quickly and inexpensively in an online workshop. With a learning platform and suitable video conferencing systems for direct communication and intensive personal exchange, it is guaranteed that the training can be carried out anywhere at short notice. With this setting, it is possible to practically apply key technologies such as “Deep Learning” and “Natural Language Processing” without having to fully understand them.

Contents of the continuing education programme

  • How to create explainer videos and presentations for YouTube videos?
  • How can machine-generated transcripts be edited and made available?
  • How can DeepL & Co be used to check the quality of translations without knowing the foreign language in question?
  • How can YouTube explanatory videos be linked to H5P to check text comprehension in a self-test?
  • How can Moodle or Microsoft 365 be used optimally for learning groups?

Registration and further information

Interested parties can obtain further information by emailing or via LinkedIn to KonradRennert. A telephone call or video conference is free of charge. Both group and individual one-to-one workshops can be arranged as online events. The scope, dates and costs are offered individually after the initial meeting.

In individual workshops, known or uninteresting content can be omitted. Therefore, partial workshops can also be offered by arrangement if budgets of at least 100 euros are available for them.