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The holiday is over and the experience can be shared

Since the beginning of my professional career 40 years ago, I have always communicated my holiday plans with utmost restraint. Only the most important people were informed and I did not publish any holiday photos until I was back. Now, after my return, I can tell you about my interesting holiday experiences: In France, the internet infrastructure is better developed than here. Even in inexpensive holiday flats, the WLAN access was so good that video conferences were possible without interference. Our VW Golf consumed about 25 to 30% less petrol during the 2800 kilometres we covered in France. This is because speed limits are consistently enforced there: A maximum speed of 110 or 130 km/h applies on motorways and 80 or 90 km/h outside built-up areas. If we adopt this experience with speed controls, we could save millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions. My proposal is that only purely electric vehicles should continue to have unrestricted travel on motorways, while all other vehicles should be subject to speed limits similar to those in our neighbouring European countries. This would encourage the sale of electric vehicles without subsidies, and the billions in taxes saved could be invested in education and environmental protection. Our automotive industry could nevertheless continue to develop modern cars that are suitable for fast driving on motorways and advertise top speeds – even if this is nonsensical, because those who drive faster spend more time at the charging station.

While I was away from Germany, the generally accessible artificial intelligence was further developed. It is now possible to share links to my ChatGPT topics. I am currently testing this out and would like to explore on innocuous topics whether this works usefully. Here is the first topic I came up with the morning after I arrived: “Write a story on the topic: learning is living and living is learning”.

The dialogue is available in translations: English, French, Ukrainian, Chinese, Finnish and Turkish.

The 2nd theme is inspired by the holiday that has come to an end. Any skilled user can have it translated into the language of their choice themselves, as demonstrated in the link from above:

“What would be the environmental benefits if we in Germany adopted the speed limits in force in France? Would it be legally feasible for only pure e-mobiles to have free passage on German motorways?”