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Using digital tools to promote German as a foreign language

The virtual journalist Nadine conducts an interview with Konrad in the YouTube video.
The word processing programme Word provides a female and a male voice for the text-to-speech option. Since the words just spoken are always highlighted, it is easier to learn the words this way. For a further 28 languages, the machine translator DeepL provides the subtitles for the YouTube platform.

The texts spoken in the virtual interview can be read in a table:

Video and table with the interview text in English, German and Ukrainian

Next to the column with the English translation is the German text and the translation into Ukrainian. The translations into the other 26 languages of DeepL can be found in an Excel workbook:
The cover picture also provides the background for an interactive pdf document. This can be used to select descriptions for an online workshop planned for the winter in 29 languages: