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German subtitles in German language YouTube playlist

DaF – German as a foreign language: Konrad’s collection of explanatory videos with subtitles in 29 languages
Below are the links to the English translations of the video titles

Guidance on the use of educational materials for integrated DaF language development in everyday work life
Keynote and personal presentation in courses with participants with different native languages
Curating professional vocabularies – the kickoff video for the playlist
Curating professional vocabularies – downloading, explaining and modifying case studies
Using Word macro to remove punctuation and control characters
Use an Excel macro to create word unicates and sort them
Unique production with pivot tables and the additional option to create frequency distributions
Understanding cell addressing in formulas with the HYPERLINK function
Understand cell addressing in formulas with the SVERWEIS function
Using truth values and conditional formatting to mark and select new words
Configuring self-tests with hidden solutions based on DEEPL or Google Translate
Looking the experts in the mouth – vocabulary analysis with pivot tables
Excel for advanced learners – the course is also suitable for immigrants from DaF level B2 upwards
Supplementary language support in an interdisciplinary context: Excel and the conjugations of verbs
Founders sought for an online VHS with CLIL principles
Pilot project: Excel course with subtitles for refugees in 28 languages for DaF levels B2 and above
Curation of technical jargon for the training occupation industrial clerk on the basis of the framework curriculum
Curation of technical jargon for the training occupation industrial clerk – the implementation in detail
Tandem learning for refugees with advanced German skills
The construction of Excel workbooks for job-related learning of German as a foreign language
Online-Workshop:Multimedia materials for the open platform ZUM Deutsch Lernen
More titles will soon appear on YouTube and be added to the playlist