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Learning as a Service – new ways in further education with interactive videos and personal coach

Subtitles to the edited transcript of this video are available in 29 languages,

New approaches to continuing education enable individual and flexible learning through a combination of e-learning and personal 1:1 support via video conferencing. On the planned platform “Learning as a Service –”, trainers, mentors and authors can present their competences in interactive explanatory videos and offer video conferences for the preparation of 1:1 mentoring. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the needs analysis, as are well-known apps.

This approach saves valuable time for working participants, as only what is new and necessary is covered in the 1:1 lessons. Travel costs and the waste of time due to superfluous ballast in the usual standard courses for large learning groups at VHS & Co are eliminated. Instead, arrangements can be made at short notice between trainer (lecturer/mentor/coach) and participant (trainee). The competences acquired after a video conference can be implemented at the workplace at a pace chosen by the trainee.

If not only the costs per lesson but also the total costs are included, taking into account the costs per working hour for the employee to be trained, 1:1 mentoring is a cost-effective alternative. It also shows employees that their time is valued and not wasted with seemingly cheap courses.

The LaaS platform focuses on individual learning pace and customised learning content. Interactive explainer videos, quizzes and assignments prepare learners for the next milestone in their training project. After a free preliminary meeting with target-performance analysis, they receive a personal course room in the Learning Management System (LMS) or a workbook on OneDrive or similar, where customised materials and links are collected. Besides H5P educational materials, chats with the AI are likely to be among the interesting links used to prepare together for the next 1:1 meeting.

The target group for LaaS includes everyone who is looking for new ways in continuing education, from students to professionals in education and training. Course leaders who want to add an online option to their traditional courses at VHS and similar education providers are also welcome.

Subtitles are available for this video based on a manually edited transcript in the 30 languages supported by DeepL.

In addition, the workbook is part of the video. It contains the edited transcripts in German and English and also the link to the ChatGPT dialogue used to prepare the presentation:!Ajg0sG2DGL7MrSJ-1A5CVBtGbBNF