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ChatGPT the academic diligence assistant

Subtitles in #Finnish, #Dutch and 21 other important languages. – The first video with a script inspired by AI.
A freely accessible OneDrive workbook accompanies the video. It can be opened directly in the browser or downloaded as a copy for local use with Excel.
The following description and other materials are included.

ChatGPT is an important tool that is changing the way we learn and work. It helps us to optimise our thinking performance and perform better by formulating the right requirements and checking the outcome. It is not a thinking machine, but a support to improve and enhance our thinking.

Some concerns about ChatGPT are about abuse by students who use the tool to do their homework. However, it can also be used to engage students in a technical discussion to check whether they have used the tool meaningfully or not. ChatGPT can thus be a supplement to the learning process rather than a substitute for students’ own thinking and learning.

There are also concerns that ChatGPT will eliminate jobs in the future. However, there were similar concerns when computers and other technologies were introduced in the past. As then, many jobs will be lost now, but many new jobs will also be created. ChatGPT can thus not only help us to increase our knowledge, but also create new opportunities for future professions and careers.

ChatGPT is a valuable addition for educational citizens and professionals as it enables them to multiply their thinking power and increase their work performance. It can serve as an assistant and a source of knowledge. This report is an example of using AI in the form of hybrid intelligence, a combination of human thinking power and machine intelligence to create educational materials.

ChatGPT allows us to work more efficiently and quickly without the need for numerous assistants or patrons. Overall, ChatGPT offers a variety of ways for educational citizens and professionals to improve their thinking performance and increase their work output. It can help us create new professions and careers and optimise our work processes. ChatGPT is thus a valuable tool that every education citizen and professional should use to achieve their goals.