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H5P: Great app with an unimaginative name

The language in the video is German. Subtitles are available in 29 languages.
Giving a highly interesting software the name H5P shows great unimaginativeness and cluelessness when it comes to public relations. The free and open source software H5P is suitable for creating interactive materials for educational purposes. If Apple had had similar creativity in choosing names for its products, the Mac would probably have been named CwpM (Computer with powerful Microprocessor) and the iPhone would have been named MPwGUI (MobilPhone with Graphical User Interface). Surely, despite good products, Apple would not have become a successful company because of an unimaginative choice of name.
This is a pity for H5P, because only a few nerds know the abbreviation H5P for the HTML5 package, which offers the possibilities described in the case study and much more. With it, you can, for example, test yourself to see whether what you have heard, read or seen has been correctly understood. A case study was deliberately chosen here that can appeal to almost everyone – Grimm’s collection of fairy tales with the Bremen Town Musicians: Animals symbolise groups of working people of retirement age who become useless due to declining performance. They leave their familiar surroundings to join forces and succeed with their combined creativity. At the happy end, they establish a flat-sharing community in the house of the expelled robbers. The story from the Brothers Grimm collection was read by Elke Rennert in the nearby forest at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, when she could neither work in the day-care centre nor visit her grandchildren. This fairy tale can be used as part of language comprehension testing for people of all ages when they speak German as a foreign language.
The video shows how H5P interactions work on Konrad Rennert’s WordPress website.
There are 10 single-choice test questions in the 1st quiz. The total duration for the video with answering the comprehension questions can be calculated at about 15 minutes:
The 2nd quiz contains 10 multiple-choice test questions. The total duration for the video with answers to the comprehension questions can be calculated at about 20 minutes.
The 3rd quiz contains 25 drag-the-words test questions with about 100 words. The total duration for the video with answers to the comprehension questions can be calculated at about 30-40 minutes.
The collection of materials with the Bremen Town Musicians is available as a PDF document in both German and English:

If you have advanced Excel skills, you can use the links in the PDF document to download the complete workbooks and modify them according to your own wishes.
Also the complete H5P quizzes can be copied for reuse or modification.
Anyone interested in sharing know-how and collaborating can contact konradrennert via search on LinkedIn