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Brocken Excursion

Welcome to the virtual tour of the Brocken! Discover the beauty of the Harz Mountains and learn more about nature and technology in this interactive video.
On 5 April 2024, Konrad Rennert took the Brocken Railway to the highest mountain in northern Germany. He is dedicating this video to his grandchildren to get them excited about nature. His interest in nature began during his school and university years.
Inspired by various sources, including Goethe’s visit to the Brocken in 1777, he wants to guide them through this experience and encourage them to use interactive learning opportunities.
Along the way, he talks about the significance of the Harz Mountains in history. From geology and mining to the division of Germany.
The interactive format allows you to click directly on links to get more information or answer quiz questions to test your knowledge.
As a former physics student and geophysicist, he shares personal memories of scientific expeditions to the Harz and explains the geological significance of the region. Technical developments such as the Brocken railway and the use of HTML5 for interactive video are also discussed.
He invites you to enjoy the virtual excursion and be inspired by the many facets of the Harz. He will be happy to answer your questions and provide further information. Have fun exploring the Harz Mountains.
The explanations in the video are in German. However, subtitles in English, French and Chinese can also be selected by clicking on the CC button.
The interactions are stored on the website and can be downloaded by clicking on the REUSE button.