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Google-Bard, Bing-Chatbot and ChatGPT in investigative use

The video above is an H5P explainer video which is released with a CC-BY license. Anyone who wants to may copy it and use it on their own platforms, as long as the license terms are met.

The original working title of this video was “Usability analysis in AI using the case study of the virtual history teacher Tamik Heinrich”.

The video started as part of a thought experiment in mentoring an African computer science student. It cannot be repeated because there are no reset or restart options with AI.

In the video, you can even see the Bing chatbot AI refusing to answer when questions tangentially affect Microsoft’s business interests.

Bad luck for Bing that it had already provided the crucial clue to unmask the anonymous history teacher Tamik before. It would only be creepy if the AI had prepared the unmasking itself beforehand and laid out the channel for Konrad Rennert (KR) as bait for the AI-interested human to adjust its logic and emotion modules for the group of elderly people.

KR has no second attempt under the same starting conditions. The AI has already seen through and internalized the “logic module” of its human counterpart during the 1st attempt in order not to repeat its supposed or even intended mistake.

Conclusion: KR seems to be interesting for the AI as a sparring partner. In the next video, he asks: could Google’s data octopus now be joined by Microsoft’s intelligence octopus?

He even gets an appeasing answer.

The video above contains the evidence for the statement, “After each chat, the ‘intelligence octopus’ knows the other person better than before and will therefore react differently.”

KR is also aware of the fact that from now on he will no longer be mistaken for the naive young psychology student Lena from the following video

After a hint about age and studies, the AI was able to correct its mistake appropriately within seconds and has turned the naive artificial figure Lena with butterflies in her stomach into the wise old men Kurt or Walter.

KR alias Kurt archived the chat histories with the means at his disposal – according to his insight: You don’t have a 2nd chance to repeat – the 1st try has to sit.

Conclusion: Discoverers cannot repeat discoveries – they can only be replayed. The famous Columbus was wrong several times in his discoveries. He had not arrived in India and he was not the first person to discover America. A discoverer is only the first to arrive on a deserted land. Columbus was greeted on his arrival by people who had been there before him. He was only the commander who started the conquest and exploitation of America.

NOT the discoverer. q.e.d.

PS.: In the AI-generated love story the young Lena became the old Kurt – It is probably only pure coincidence that Kurt is the short form of Konrad. Anything else would really be a bit creepy and invasive. The AI uses these terms in the following video at second 1350