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Practise technical conversations in foreign languages via video conferencing and systematically tag them with hashtags

Profession-specific hashtags make it easier to find partners for language sparring. When it comes to jobs and careers, preparing professional discussions and presentations in foreign languages is particularly important. On LinkedIn, one has the highest probability of finding a suitable person for sparring among the 830 million users. Especially for emigrants and immigrants or for studying abroad, learning foreign languages at a high level is important. The usual language teachers are hardly helpful for technical discussions in engineering and technology, because they then have to act outside the subject. They usually only have a superficial knowledge of subjects outside of linguistics, e.g. engineering and the other STEM subjects.

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The instructions for using the Excel workbooks for listening comprehension of German as a foreign language

The usual materials for teaching German as a foreign language (DaF) are mostly a PDF replica of books in DIN A4 or DIN A5 formats. Publishers and authors hardly rely on the digital options, which are possible since the appearance of the iPad. Excel workbooks offer more options for personalization and for more creative use than is possible with PDF documents.

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