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Cross-curricular online continuing education programme “Data Protection and Security”

Workshop topic: Expanding and maintaining the materials provided for the IT Security Playlist.

In the practical workshop, the already existing materials will be updated and supplemented. In the process, trainers, teachers and persons with personnel responsibility will not only acquire up-to-date knowledge on the topic of “IT security” but also know-how on the current possibilities for designing online continuing education and optimising presentation skills.

Affected fields of work or subjects.

  • Computer science and macro-programming
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Word
  • German as a foreign language
    • Machine speech recognition
    • Machine translation and AI (Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing)
  • Media design
  • Media Education
  • Community Studies / PoWi

Aims and benefits of the workshop

Preventing damage and assessing threats: Lack of knowledge around the topic of data protection and data security cause billions of euros worth of damage in the German economy every year

Every skilled worker and manager must permanently acquire new competences or expand existing ones in an interdisciplinary manner. Likewise, immigrants with insufficient language skills need to be qualified because too few natives apply for the vacancies. With the help of digital tools, induction and instruction can be done via video.

Language Training on the Job.

People with German as a foreign language can also read the presentation in their mother tongue. If necessary, the playback speed can also be reduced. For this purpose, automatically generated lists of vocabulary can be generated, containing all words that go beyond the intermediate level of German as a foreign language.

Participants recognise from the explanatory videos the options for creating materials for their own area of responsibility. They recognise the possibilities of machine translation and can deliver explainer videos and presentations with subtitles in 125 languages in a very short time.

Contents of the training

  • How can explainer videos and presentations be created for YouTube?
  • How can machine-generated transcripts be edited and made available?
  • How can specialist vocabularies be derived from the transcripts?
  • How can DeepL & Co be used to check the quality of translations without knowing the foreign language in question?
  • How can YouTube explanatory videos be linked to H5P to check text comprehension in a self-test?
  • How can Moodle or Microsoft 365, i.e. Word, Excel and PowerPoint be optimally used for learning groups?
  • How can routine tasks be reduced with the help of macros?
  • How can specialised vocabularies be compiled by matching them with existing vocabularies?

Registration and further information

Association members of the Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien im Internet e.V. (ZUM) receive free access to the platform on request until the end of 2023.

All other interested parties can obtain information on individual or group seminars and workshops by sending an e-mail request to or via LinkedIn Messenger with a message to KonradRennert

List of existing materials:

YouTube-VideoTitle Duration ExcelWorkbook
DSS01 IT-Security – Recommended materials for the online course 20:41 OneDrive_Lf4jyxH7Ebg
DSS02 IT Security – Data Threat and Data Protection 12:57 OneDrive_6jar_w_a9HE
DSS03 IT Security – Copyright 12:32 OneDrive_1ibkQT5TDIE
DSS04 IT Security – Cybercrime 22:16 OneDrive_gkGiJZ62QDk
DSS05 IT Security – Encryption and Password Protection 27:44 OneDrive_9WEt0lDjnjE
DSS06 IT Security – Network Structures and Security 1 33:17 OneDrive_438fr3oyq1Q
DSS07 IT Security – Network Structures and Security 2 23:38 OneDrive_rcwmA_skeMg
DSS08 IT Security – Malware 17:57 OneDrive_6YooX6BdqOc
DSS09 IT Security – Malware Protection 22:45 OneDrive_EZ0Shoegwsc
DSS10 IT Security – SafeInternet 15:15 OneDrive_EwDh_133MAw
DSS11 IT Security – Secure Communication 16:38 OneDrive_xkPTBXWqOzo
DSS12 IT Security – Data Security Management 11:13 OneDrive_Y74-BNTSiNs