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Document interactive explanatory videos and educational materials in workbooks

KonradRennert explains the structure of his newly designed workbooks, which he designed for common use in his workshops. Viewers can access them via the following link to OneDrive:!Ajg0sG2DGL7MrF7ANfZ-aq4zO_Dk
One can open it directly in the browser and test it or download it for personal modifications with Excel.
When transcribing the spoken text, YouTube uses AI to avoid errors as far as possible. If you are a user with German as a foreign language and do not know how to use your native language for the subtitles, you will also find a description in the workbook via the link provided. To read along, one can then adjust the playback speed: You see what is happening, you hear the explanation in the native language of the presenter and, if necessary, you also read the subtitles in another language. For integrated learning to succeed optimally, one experiments with the workbook provided, according to the insight of Confucius: “Tell me, and I forget; show me, and I will remember; let me do it, and I retain.” The lived in China in the pre-ChatGPT period probably from 551 BC to 479 BC.
To check the understanding of explainer videos, the author has added interactivity. If you would like to have a look, you can find his collection at