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Author: krennert

Secure on the net: A comprehensive online course on IT security

From Data Protection to Data Backup – Everything You Need to Know for Secure Work in the Digital Space.

The title reflects the comprehensive nature of the course, covering various aspects of IT security, from data protection and threats to encryption, network security, malware, internet safety, secure communication, and data backup.

KR as the speaker in the video speaks German. His spoken words can be read as subtitles in many languages using the CC button.

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AI and machine translation: interactive explanatory videos with subtitles in 122 languages

YouTube automatically transcribes the spoken word into videos and translates the text into 122 different languages.

In this way, for example, teaching material could be produced for people who want to learn German in order to study or take up a qualified job in Germany. German as a foreign language could be promoted excellently with supplementary videos produced in German. This is what author Konrad Rennert thought when he recorded the four-minute Heute-Journal feature on the day the Osiris Rex space probe returned to explore the current possibilities of the video platform. He carried out all the necessary steps himself and can now demonstrate in training events that it is possible to use AI to make videos with spoken text available as interactive educational material with subtitles in 122 languages on the same day. When using his sources, the author refers to the German Copyright in Science – Copyright 2023

The quiz questions in the video below are in English. These questions can also be answered in German, French and Ukrainian by selecting the language link: German at, French, Ukrainian.

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Rethinking educational provision and materials: H5P and AI tools in teacher training and development

ZDF knows which educational materials people are interested in. Konrad Rennert knows how to create interactive educational material from it with the help of AI…

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