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Rethinking educational provision and materials: H5P and AI tools in teacher training and development

  • ZDF knows which educational materials people are interested in.
  • Konrad Rennert knows how to create interactive educational material from it with the help of AI tools.
  • You know how much you are willing to pay if you want to get Konrad Rennert’s know-how in an online course. The language in the course is German

Anyone who would like to participate in the online course described below can express interest by sending an email to indicating how much he (or she) is willing to pay for additional individual support.

Further training on creating interactive, multilingual subtitled teaching materials with H5P using the example of ZDF’s Terra-X clips

Target group:

Trainers and teachers of all school levels who want to use H5P to create teaching materials to be published under a CC-BY licence. Machine translation into common languages and the creation of transcripts on YouTube will be included to create interactive teaching materials for a wider audience.


    • Introduction to H5P
    • Basics of the CC-BY licence
    • Creating interactive H5P elements
    • Including subtitles in any language
    • Evaluating learning assessments in LMS
    • Machine translation (Google Translate, DeepL)
    • Creating transcripts on YouTube
    • Summarising transcripts with AI tools (DeepL Write)


    • Self-learning phases with online courses and tutorials
    • Practical assignments with feedback from the lecturer
    • Exchange in an online community

Start and duration:

    • Participation starts regularly on Thursdays at 5:15 pm with a round of introductions via videoconference to which participants who are already enrolled can also join.
    • 1 to 3 months depending on previous knowledge


    • According to individual counselling needs from 99 euros


Successful participation in the further education course is confirmed by the course instructor when a CC-BY clip of the ZDF broadcast series Terra-X has been independently edited and this is documented on the web by the availability of at least one downloadable H5P content.

Creative proposals:

Realistic case studies: The participants of the professional development offer should learn how to create interactive teaching materials with H5P by means of realistic case studies from practice. These case studies should be from different school subjects and school levels.

Interactive learning: The professional development offer should be designed in such a way that participants can learn interactively. This can be achieved by using H5P elements in the online courses and tutorials as well as practice assignments.

Collegial exchange: Participants in the continuing education programme should have the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other. This can be done through an online community or through regular meetings in presence.

Example contents:

Machine translation: In this module, participants learn how to use machine translation tools to translate their teaching materials into other languages. They will learn how to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different machine translation tools and how to proofread their translations.

Creating transcripts on YouTube: In this module, participants learn how to create transcripts of YouTube videos. They will learn how to use YouTube’s various transcription tools and how to edit their transcripts.

Summarising transcripts with AI tools: In this module, participants learn how to use AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard to summarise transcripts of YouTube videos. They will learn to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different AI tools and review their summaries.


The extended professional development offer provides teachers with the opportunity to learn about the latest possibilities for creating interactive teaching materials with H5P. Participants will learn how to use machine translation tools, transcription tools and AI tools to make their teaching materials more accessible and engaging.